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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 01:33

From: Neil Foster

Subject: SCC has granted leave in Holland v. Saskatchewan


Dear Colleagues

An interesting case. We may have something similar coming up in Australia. Some of you may have heard that we currently have a disastrous (for the racing industry) equine influenza "epidemic" here. Apparently hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost already because weekend racing carnivals have been cancelled, and there is some suggestion (I haven't heard the news today) that the Melbourne Cup may have to be called off!! (This is one of Australia's "iconic" institutions on the first Tuesday in November.)

Now there are suggestions in the press that the virus may have been introduced here through the carelessness of the Australian Quarantine Service. The prospect of massive economic loss claims against the Commonwealth Government probably has some plaintiff lawyers "champing at the bit" already ...

PS I assume a "cervid" is an elk or similar critter.


Neil F

Neil Foster
Newcastle Law School
Faculty of Business & Law
MC159c, McMullin Building
University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308
ph 02 4921 7430
fax 02 4921 6931


>>> Russell Brown 31/08/07 2:07 >>>
Re: ODG: SCC has granted leave in Holland v. Saskatchewan

On a similar note - perhaps the court will finally clarify the "relationship" between administrative and tort law.

Then again perhaps they will make it even more fuzzy.



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