From: Harrington Matthew P. <>
To: Gerard Sadlier <>
Date: 02/02/2015 14:13:48 UTC
Subject: Re: Vicarious Liability of Undisclosed Principle?


Here is a relatively recent Ontario AC case discussing the general rule.

John Ziner Lumber Ltd. v. Kotov, 2000 CanLII 16894 (ON CA)

An early American Supreme Court case is

Ford v. Williams, 62 U.S. 287 (U.S. 1858)

An old, but pretty good law journal article is

Arnold Rochvarg, Ratification and Undisclosed Principals, 1989 McGill L.J.

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From: Gerard Sadlier<>
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Dear all,

I'd be really grateful for any authorities on the question whether a
principle is vicariously liable for acts of their agent in the course
of or incidental to the agent's agency, in circumstances where the
principle is undisclosed to third parties.

Where, in other words, T (the third party) deals with A (the agent)
not realizing that A acts for P (the principle).

Many thanks