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To: Nate Oman <>
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Date: 18/06/2015 20:46:42 UTC
Subject: Re: Discrimination and Tort

Use of common law tort was rejected on grounds of pre-emption in Canada:
Seneca v Bhadauria [1981] 2 SCR 181.

In Israel there is a lower court decision imposing liability in
negligence: CC (Tel-Aviv) 15/97 Shamsian v Ganet Rosmary, 14 Dinim
Shalom 402.

I have defended the use of the tort of negligence to combat
discrimination in chapter 7 of my 2007 book: Torts, Egalitarianism and
distributive Justice (Ashgate).

You might also want to look at Amnon Reichman's 'Professional Status and
the Freedom to Contract: Toward a Common Law Duty of non-discrimination'
14 Can JLJ (2001) 79.

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On 18/06/2015 20:30, Nate Oman wrote:
> Is anyone on the list aware of cases in any jurisdiction where
> discrimination by a business against customers has been treated as a
> common law tort rather than a violation of antidiscrimination statutes
> or regulations?
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