From: Jason W Neyers <>
To: obligations <>
Date: 13/04/2022 16:48:52 UTC
Subject: ODG: The Immortal Snail 90 Anniversary Conference 26 May 2022

Dear Colleagues:


The Law Society of Scotland is organising a conference to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the decision in Donoghue v Stevenson on 26 May 2022. Here is the link to the conference page on the Law Society website: Donoghue v Stevenson 90th Anniversary Conference | The Immortal Snail | Law Society of Scotland (


This global, virtual conference is engaging with judiciary, practitioners and academics in those jurisdictions for which the case is significant. They have tried to bring together a global community connected by the impact which Donoghue v Stevenson has upon their legal systems. This is a unique opportunity for the Common Law community to come together to examine, possibly to celebrate, this case. Jurisdictions participating include Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, Ireland, the Caribbean, Canada, Singapore and the US.


Hope to see you virtually on 26 May 2022.





Jason Neyers
Professor of Law
Faculty of Law
Western University
Law Building Rm 26
t. 519.661.2111 (x88435)


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