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Date: 25/07/2022 15:54:58 UTC
Subject: ODG: The Law of Contract Damages, 3rd ed
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Dear Colleagues:


Congratulations also go out to ODGer Adam Kramer on the publication of the third edition of The Law of

Contract Damages with Hart. An order form detailing how to get a 20% discount is attached to this email.  From the description:


Written by a leading commercial barrister and academic, the third edition of this acclaimed book is the most comprehensive and detailed treatment available of this important dispute resolution area.

Previous editions have been regularly cited by the English courts and academic literature. The third edition covers all key case law developments and updates since 2017, with very substantial rewrites of the loss of chance, scope of duty and negotiating damages chapters (including in the light of Supreme Court decisions in Perry v Raleys, Edwards v Hugh James Ford Simey, Manchester BS v Grant Thornton and Morris-Garner v One Step (Support) Ltd). It also includes expanded share purchase warranty and causation sections, and a new chapter on the construction of exclusion clauses.

To aid understanding and practicality, the book is primarily arranged by the type of complaint, such as the mis-provision of services, the non-payment of money, or the temporary loss of use of property, but also includes sections on causation, remoteness and other general principles. At all points, the work gathers together the cases from all relevant contractual fields, both those usually considered-construction, sale of goods, charterparties, professional services-and those less frequently covered in general works-such as SPAs, exclusive jurisdiction and arbitration clauses, insurance, and landlord and tenant. It also refers to tort decisions where relevant, including full coverage of professional negligence damages, and gives detailed explanation of many practically important but often neglected areas, such as damages for lost management time and the how to prove lost profits.

The book provides authoritative and insightful analysis of damages for breach of contract and is an essential resource for practitioners and scholars in commercial law and other contractual fields.


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