From: Jason W Neyers <>
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Date: 28/06/2022 14:53:39 UTC
Subject: ODG: Common Law and Civil Law Perspectives on Tort Law

Dear Colleagues:


Those interested in Tort Law and/or comparative law might want to have a look at  Common Law and Civil Law Perspectives on Tort Law (OUP, 2022) by Mauro Bussani, Anthony Sebok, and Marta Infantino:


Here is the Table of Contents:


Chapter I. The Place of Tort Law
Chapter II. Negligence (and Strict Liability)
Chapter III. Recovery for Physical Harms: The Case of Medical Malpractice
Chapter IV. Non-economic Damage and Primary Victims
Chapter V. Recovery of Secondary Victims for Economic Harm and Emotional Distress
Chapter VI. Compensation for Pure Economic Loss
Chapter VII. Causation
Chapter VIII. Products Liability


Happy Reading,




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