From: Lionel Smith <>
To: ODG <>
Date: 12/01/2023 11:03:22 UTC
Subject: Jobs in Cambridge

Colleagues may be interested, on behalf of themselves or of others, to see that the Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge is aiming to fill no fewer than eleven Assistant Professorships this year. Details are here: Deadlines are at the end of this month.


In each case, by following a couple of links, you can get the ‘Further Particulars’ that go with each position. In some cases, this will indicate a little more about the teaching expectations than may be available from the job title itself.

This large-scale hiring is related to an initiative to increase substantially the number of courses taught in the LL.M. programme. Unlike in many such programmes, at least those in Canada and the US, these courses are only open to LL.M. students.


I would invite colleagues to share this message with any mailing lists that are likely to reach those who may be interested in these opportunities.


With my best wishes to all for happiness and health in 2023,