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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:16:44 -0700 (PDT)

From: David Cheifetz

Subject: Asbestos compensation


Well ... part of the drafting part is easy: hire Charles Mitchell and provide him a sinecure <g>.

On the work-related mesothelioma / asbestosis / industrial dust disease claims, isn't there some sort of arrangement amongst the insurers / employers setting up a formula that they'll use to apportion financial responsibility? Something like the solution to the miners' claims against the UK national coal board? Or, am I dreaming (again).


David Cheifetz

----- Original Message ----
From: Hector MacQueen
To: Richard Lewis
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 3:49:26 PM
Subject: Re: ODG: asbestos compensation

Will Barker be over-turned? Blair's words are a bit more cautious, conditional, iffy, than over-turn. How would you draft legislation on causation without upsetting the whole tort applecart? Isn't it more likely to be some special compensation deal for mesothelioma victims? And might not the insurers have something to say about it?



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