From: Jason Neyers <>
Date: 17/06/2009 17:25:00 UTC
Subject: ODG: New Book on Economic Torts

Dear Colleagues:

Congratulations go out to list member Joost Blom on the publication of his new book (co-written with Peter Burns) Economic Interests in Canadian Tort Law. From the website:

The First Comprehensive Canadian Treatise on Economic Loss


This eagerly-anticipated publication was created to fill the need for a thorough, one-stop reference source on a complex, multi-faceted subject. Economic loss is often inadequately dealt with in the larger context of the law of torts. This book offers, for the first time, an in-depth look at how the law protects economic interests from being injured through the acts of others, primarily focusing on intentionally-caused economic loss.


The book first provides an overview of the concepts and theories of economic torts and the parameters of the current law. It then goes on to look at economic loss from all possible causes of action, such as: negligent misstatement, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of confidence, inducing breach of contract, causing economic loss by unlawful means, conspiracy, deliberate misrepresentation (injurious falsehood and deceit), passing-off, negligence and other forms of civil liability.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Deliberate Misrepresentation

Chapter 3: Inducing Breach of Contract

Chapter 4: Intimidation

Chapter 5: Civil Conspiracy

Chapter 6: General Formulations of Liability

Chapter 7: Breach of Confidence

Chapter 8: Passing Off

Chapter 9: Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Chapter 10: Negligence

Chapter 11: Remedies

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