From: Jason Neyers <>
Date: 31/07/2009 13:57:52 UTC
Subject: ODG: The Judicial House of Lords

Dear Colleagues:

Many of you will be interested in the following book from OUP which

contains articles written by list-members Robert Stevens and Justice

Robert Sharpe :

The Judicial House of Lords



Louis Blom-Cooper QC, Brice Dickson, and Gavin Drewry

In 2009 a new UK Supreme Court takes on the judicial functions of the

House of Lords. In this book a group of over 40 eminent lawyers and

legal historians look back over the 130 years of the judicial House of

Lords to give a comprehensive history of its role, reputation and impact

on the law in the UK and beyond.

Hardback | 912 pages

*£95.00* | 13 August 2009 | 978-0-19-953271-1

*EDITORS' PROLOGUE*Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC, Professor Gavin Drewry and

Professor Brice Dickson:


1: David Lewis Jones: The judicial role of the House of Lords before 1870

2: David Steele: The judicial House of Lords: abolition and restoration


3: Professor Dawn Oliver: The Lord Chancellor as head of the judiciary

4: James Vallance White: The Judicial Office

5: Professor Kate Malleson: Appointments to the House of Lords: who goes


6: Lord Hope of Craighead: Law Lords in Parliament

7: Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC: 1966 and all that: the story of the

Practice Statement

8: Professor Andrew Le Sueur: From Appellate Committee to Supreme Court


9: Professor Patrick Polden: The early period, 1876-1914

10: Professor Sir David Williams QC: Between the Wars, 1914-1945

11: Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC and Professor Gavin Drewry: Towards a

system of administrative law: the era of Lord Reid and Lord Wilberforce,


12: Michael Beloff QC: The 1980s and 1990s

13: Professor Brice Dickson: The Bingham court, 2000-2008


14: Scotland and Ireland

Lord Brodie: (a) Scotland after 1707

Ronan Keane: (b) Ireland

Professor Brice Dickson: (c) Northern Ireland after 1921

15: Justice Sir Kenneth Keith: The interplay with the Judicial Committee

of the Privy Council

16: The Old Commonwealth

Justice Michael Kirby: (a) Australia and New Zealand

Justice Robert Sharpe: (b) Canada

Arthur Chaskalson: (c) South Africa

Justice A S Anand: (d) India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

17: Sir Fred Phillips QC: The New Commonwealth

18: Professor Tom Zwart: An American perspective

19: Professor Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen: A view from Western Europe

20: Professor Gavin Drewry and Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC: The Law Lords

in relation to the Court of Appeal for England and Wales

21: Views from legal practitioners

Arthur Marriott QC: (a) Access to justice: a solicitor's view

Mark Littman QC: (b) Appellate advocacy: a view from the Bar

22: Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC: Style of judgments

23: Michael Blair QC: A view from the City

24: Professor Gavin Drewry: A political scientist's view


25: Dame Rosalyn Higgins QC: International law

26: Sir Francis Jacobs QC and David Anderson QC: European influences

27: Professor David Feldman: Human rights

28: Professor Brigid Hadfield: Constitutional law

29: Professor Paul Craig QC: Administrative law

30: Professor John Spencer QC: Criminal law

31: Sir Anthony Hooper: 'One golden thread': beyond reasonable doubt in

criminal trial

32: Professor Robert Stevens: Law of torts

33: Professor Eric Barendt: Libel, privacy, and freedom of expression

34: Professor Stephen Cretney QC: Family law

35: Baroness Hale of Richmond: Equality and discrimination

36: Professor Francis Reynolds QC: Commercial law

37: Derek Wood QC: Land law

38: Sir Robin Jacob: Intellectual property

39: Professor John Tiley and Sir Stephen Oliver: Tax law

*EPILOGUE: A VALEDICTION*Lord Bingham of Cornhill:


i: Lords of Appeal in Ordinary from 1876

ii: Who succeeded whom?

iii: Lord Chancellors from 1876

iv: Thumbnail sketches of 110 Lords of Appeal in Ordinary


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