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Date: 29/10/2009 16:56:47 UTC
Subject: RE: Stella Awards

[Warning: self-publicity!]
The story of "Winnebago man"  - and the national newspapers which reported it as fact in the UK(!) - is told on p. 37 of Lunney & Oliphant, Tort Law: Text & Materials (3rd edn. 2008), leading into a discussion of the "myth-representation" in the popular re-telling of the McDonald's coffee case.
The myth (widely reported as fact) that hanging baskets in St Albans were removed by the council because of liability / health and safety fears is exposed by Kevin Williams [2006] JPIL 347 and Paul Almond (2009) 36 Journal of Law and Society 352.
I highly recommend Haltom and McCann's Distorting the Law (2004), which exposes how "tort reformers" in the US deliberately manufacture, and saturate the media with popular narratives ("pop torts") that advance their cause.
Annette Morris's "Spiralling or Stabilising" (2007) 70 MLR 349 also contains excellent analysis of this issue.
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Thanks to everyone who responded to my query about the Stella Awards pointing out that they are a hoax.
I should have Googled first before emailing the list.
Although it's not a surprise, there was just a tiny little bit of me sort of "wishing" that at least one or two were true ...
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