From: Chaim Saiman <>
Date: 30/10/2009 19:42:41 UTC
Subject: outlandish torts


I have been following the emails of the past few days with some interest, and note that most of the examples (real and otherwise) are taken from the American context. Moreover, as one poster suggested, some of these hoaxes may be part of a concerted effort by activists on the American scene to paint a cartoonish picture of the American tort system in order to spur on political efforts at tort reform (limitation)


My question to this largely non-American audience is whether, from an international perspective, these sort s of suits are seen as uniquely (or typically) American, and if so, is it only on account of the jury, or are there other factors at work.


Would be interested in your thoughts.




Chaim Saiman

Associate Professor

Villanova Law School