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A Breach of Duty: Fiduciary Obligations and Aboriginal Peoples by James Reynolds, 2005 (Purich Publishing Co) (Google Books)

A critical introduction to restitution by Steve Hedley, 2001 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

A Historical Introduction to the Law of Obligations by David Ibbetson, 1999 (Oxford University Press) (reviewed by Jonathan Rose, also here) (Google Books)

Altruism in Private Law: Liability for Nonfeasance and Negotiorum Gestio by Jeroen Kortmann, February 2005 (also here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

An Introduction to the Comparative Study of Private Law: Readings, Cases, Materials by James Gordley and Arthur Taylor von Mehren, May 2006 (Cambridge University Press) (Google Books)

An Introduction to the Law of Restitution by Peter Birks, revised edition 1989 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Art Treasures and War by Wojciech W Kowalski and Tim Schadla-Hall, 1998 (Institute of Art and Law) (Google Books)

Australian Restitution Law by Sharon Erbacher, 2nd edition 2001 (also here, here, here and here) (Cavendish) (Google Books)

Bereicherungsrecht by Hans Josef Wieling, February 2006 (Springer) (Google Books)

Boundaries of Personal Property: Shares and Sub-Shares by Arianna Pretto-Sakmann, August 2005 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Breach of Trust edited by Peter Birks and Arianna Pretto, July 2002 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Butterworths Student Statutes Series: Contract, Tort & Restitution edited by Steve Hedley, 3rd edition September 2002 (Oxford University Press)

Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations, and the Chinese Canadian Head tax edited by Davis Dyzenhaus and Mayo Moran, October 2005 (University of Toronto Press) (Google Books)

Casebook on Restitution by Gerard McMeel, 1996 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Cases and Materials on Remedies by D Rendleman, 6th edition 1998; 7th edition 2006 (West Group) (Google Books)

Cases and Materials on the Law of Restitution by Andrew Burrows and Ewan McKendrick, 1998 (also here and here); 2nd ed, December 2006 by Andrew Burrows, Ewan McKendrick and James Edelman (also here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Cases and Problems on Remedies by Shoben, Tabb and Janutis, 3rd edition 2002 (Google Reader)

Cases, Materials and Texts on Unjustified Enrichment edited by Jack Beatson and Eltjo Schrage, July 2003 (also here and here) (auch hier) (Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe) (Hart Publishing)

Choice of Law for Equitable Doctrines by TM Yeo, September 2004 (also here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Claims for Contribution and Reimbursement in an International Context - Conflict of Laws Dimensions of Third Party Procedure by Koji Takahashi, 2000 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Commercial Fraud Civil Liability, Human Rights, and Money Laundering by Janet Ulph, February 2006 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Commercial Fraud in Civil Practice by Paul McGrath (Oxford University Press) (December 2008) (Google Books)

Commercial Remedies - Current Issues and Problems edited by Andrew Burrows and Edwin Peel, March 2003 (also here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Condictio proprietaria und europäisches Bereicherungsrecht by Francesco Giglio, 2000 (Duncker & Humblot) (Google Books)

Constructive Trusts by Tony Oakley, 3rd edition 1996 (Sweet and Maxwell) (Google Books)

Constructive and Resulting Trusts edited by Charles Mitchell, March 2010 (Hart Publishing) (also here) (Google Books)

Contract Damages: Domestic and International Perspectives edited by Djakhongir Saidov and Ralph Cunnington, May 2008 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Contract Theory by Stephen A Smith, April 2004 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Contract, Tort and Restitution Statutes by Ewan McKendrick, August 2003 (Sweet and Maxwell) (Google Books)

Core Statutes on Contract, Tort and Restitution edited by Graham Stephenson, August 2005 (Learning Matters Publishing) (Google Books)

Das Bereicherungsrecht in Europa - Einheits - und Trennungslehren im gemeinen, deutschen und englischen Recht by Frank L Schäfer, 2001 (Untersuchungen zum Europäischen Privatrecht) (auch hier) (Duncker und Humblot) (Google Books)

Dimensions of Private Law - Categories and Concepts in Anglo-American Legal Reasoning by Stephen Waddams, July 2003 (Cambridge University Press) (commentary by Robert A Hillman ) (Google Books)

Direito Restituitório by Cláudio Fortunato Michelon Jr, 2006 (Revista dos Tribunais)

Dirty Money: Civil and Criminal Aspects of Money-Laundering, 2003 (Conférences Meredith Memorial Lectures 2002) (Éditions Yvon Blais)

Duress, undue influence, and unconscientious bargains by M Cope (LBC) (Google Books)

English Private Law 2nd ed edited by Andrew Burrows, December 2007 (Oxford University Press) (1st ed reviewed by Paul Matthews) (Google Books)

Enrichment and Restitution in New Zealand by Ross Grantham and Charles Rickett, 2000 (also here, here and here ) (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Enriquecimento Sem Causa - Col. Prof. Agostinho Alvim by Giovanni Ettore Nanni (Saraiva)

Equity by Sarah Worthington, June 2003 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Equity and Trusts by Alastair Hudson, September 2004 (Cavendish) (Google Books)

Equity - Doctrines and Remedies by RP Meagher, JD Heydon and MJ Leeming, 4th Edition 2002 (LexisNexis Australia) (Google Books)

Equity in Commercial Law edited by Simone Degeling and James Edelman, 2005 (Thomson) (reviewed by David Maclean ) (collected reviews) (Google Books)

Equity Restitution and Fraud by John Glover, December 2003 (also here) (LexisNexis Australia) (Google Books)

Essays on Restitution edited by PD Finn, 1990 (LBC)

Essays on the Law of Restitution edited by Andrew Burrows, 1996 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Explaining constructive trusts by Gbolahan OA Elias, 1990 (summarised by Lionel Smith) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Exploitative Contracts by Rick Bigwood, February 2004 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Failure of Contracts - Contractual, Restitutionary and Proprietary Consequences edited by Francis Rose, 1997 (also here) (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Fiduciary Law by Leonard I Rotman, July 2005 (Carswell) (reviewed by Robert Flannigan ) (Google Books)

Foundations of Private Law: Property, Tort, Contract, Unjust Enrichment by James Gordley, January 2006 (also here) (OUP) (Google Books)

Gain-Based Damages: Contract, Tort, Equity and Intellectual Property by James Edelman, April 2002 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Grundfragen Zur Leistungskondiktion Bei Drittbeziehungen by Franz Schnauder, 1981 (Google Books)

Grundstrukturen eines europäischen Bereicherungsrechts edited by Reinhard Zimmermann, 2005 (Mohr Siebeck) (Google Books)

Guilt Of Nations: Restitution and Negotiating Historical Injustices by Elazar Barkan, May 2000 (WW Norton) (Google Books)

Hochelaga Lecture - Fusing Common Law and Equity: Remedies, Restitution and Reform by Andrew Burrows, 2001 (Sweet and Maxwell Asia) (Google Books)

Holocaust Justice: The Battle for Restitution in America's Courts by Michael J Bazyler, April 2003 (also here) (NYU Press) (reviewed by Manfred Gerstenfeld) (Google Books)

Holocaust Restitution: Perspectives on the Litigation and Its Aftermath edited by Michael J Bazyler and Roger P Alford (December 2005) (also here) (NYU Press) (reviewed in Opinio Juris) (Google Books)

Illegal Transactions by Nelson Enonchong, 1998 (LLP) (Google Books)

Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of World War II by Stuart E Eizenstat, January 2003 (PublicAffairs) (reviewed by Anita Ramasastry) (Google Books)

Imperialism, Art and Restitution edited by John Henry Merryman, August 2006 (Cambridge University Press) (also here) (reviewed in PropertyProf Blog) (Google Books)

Inside a Class Action: The Holocaust and the Swiss Banks by Jane Schapiro, October 2003 (University of Wisconsin Press) (Google Books)

Interest Awards in Australia by J Edelman and D Cassidy, February 2003 (also here) (LexisNexis Australia) (Google Books)

Interests in Goods edited by Norman Palmer and Ewan McKendrick, 2nd edition 1998 (LLP) (Google Books)

International Law, Museums and the Return of Cultural Objects by Ana Filipa Vrdoljak, July 2006 (Cambridge University Press) (Google Books)

International tracing of assets by Michael Ashe and Barry Rider, 1997 (Sweet and Maxwell) (reviewed by Michael O'Connell) (Google Books)

Introduction to Contracts and Restitution by Martin A Frey, Terry H Bitting and Phyllis Hurley Frey, 1993 (also here) (West Publishing Company) (Google Books)

Landmark Cases in the Law of Restitution edited by Charles Mitchell and Paul Mitchell (March 2006) (also here) (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Laundering and tracing edited by P Birks, 1995 (Clarendon Press)

Law of Obligations and Legal Remedies by Geoffrey Samuel, February 2001 (Cavendish) (Google Books)

Law of Remedies: Damages - Equity - Restitution by Dan B Dobbs, 1993 (also here, here, here and here) (Hornbook Series Student Edition) (West) (Google Books)

Law of Restitution in England and Ireland by Andrew Tettenborn, 3rd edition 2001 (Cavendish Publishing) (Google Books)

Law of Subrogation by Henry N Sheldon, 1882, reprinted 2000 (Beard Group) (Google Books)

L'enrichissement sans cause en droit privé français by Christos Filios, 1999 (Ant N Sakkoulas)

Lessons of the Swaps Litigation edited by Peter Birks and Francis Rose, March 2000) (also here) (LLP) (Google Books)

Louisiana Law of Quasi-Contracts or Unjust Enrichment: A Precis by Alain A Levasseur, 1992 (also here, here and here) (Matthew Bender and Co) (Google Books)

Mapping the Law: Essays in Honour of Peter Birks edited by Andrew Burrows and Alan Rodger, August 2006 (also here and here ) (OUP) (Google Books)

Measuring Damages in the Law of Obligations: The Search for Harmonised Principles by Sirko Harder, July 2010 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Michigan Law of Damages and Other Remedies by Barbara A Patek, Patrick McLain, Mark R Granzotto and N O Stockmeyer, Jr, 3rd Edition (ICLE Partners) (Google Books)

Mistake and Unjust Enrichment by George E Palmer, 1993 (also here) (William S Hein and Co) (Google Books)

Money Laundering Law by Peter Alldridge, January 2003 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

New Perspectives On Property Law: Obligations And Restitution edited by Alastair Hudson (November 2003) (Cavendish) (also here) (Google Books)

O Enriquecimento sem Causa no Direito Civil - Estudo Dogmático Sobre a Viabilidade da Configuração Unitária do Instituto, Face à Contraposição Entre as Diferentes Categorias de Enriquecimento sem Causa by Luís Manuel Teles de Menezes Leitão, 2005 (Almedina)

Paying for the Past : The Struggle over Reparations for Surviving Victims of the Nazi Terror by Christian Pross, 1998 (Johns Hopkins University Press) (Google Press)

Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Unjust Enrichment edited by Robert Chambers, Charles Mitchell and James Penner, March 2009 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Principles of remedies by W Covell and K Lupton, 2nd edition July 2003 (LexisNexis) (Google Books)

Privacy and loyalty edited by Peter Birks, 1997 (also here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Private Law and Property Claims by Peter Jaffey, July 2007 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Private Law in Theory and Practice edited by Michael Bryan, December 2006 (UCL Press) (Google Books)

Professionals and Fiduciaries: Perils and Pitfalls by Simon Baughen, June 2002 (Gostick Hall) (Google Books)

Proprietary Claims and Remedies by Malcolm Cope, 1997 (Federation Press) (Google Books)

Proprietary remedies in context by Craig Rotherham, April 2002 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Protecting Reliance - The Emergent Doctrine of Equitable Estoppel by Michael Spence, 1999 (Hart Publishing) (reviewed by Andrew Robertson) (Google Books)

Rationalizing Property, Equity and Trusts: Essays in Honour of Edward Burn edited by Joshua Getzler, October 2003 (LexisNexis UK) (Google Books)

Remedies: Damages, Equity and Restitution by Robert S Thompson, John A Sebert, Leonard Gross and RJ Robertson Jr, 3rd Edition, 2002 (Matthew Bender) (Google Books)

Remedies in Context - Commentary and Materials by A Cossins, April 2003 (LexisNexis Butterworths) (Google Books)

Remedies Reclassified by Rafal Zakrzewski, April 2005 (extract here ) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Restatement of the Law of Restitution (Restatement 1st) (with citations to June 1986) (Thomson West)

Restatement of Restitution (American Law Institute) (also here)

Restitution by Gerald HL Fridman, 1992 (Carswell)

Restitution edited by LD Smith, 2001 (International Library of Essay in Law and Legal Theory) (Ashgate Publishing)

Restitution and Banking Law edited by Francis Rose, 1998 (also here, here, here, here, here and here) (LLP) (Google Books)

Restitution and Contract by Andrew Skelton, 1998 (also here) (LLP) (Google Books)

Restitution and Equity Vol 1: Resulting Trusts and Equitable Compensation edited by Peter Birks and Francis Rose, April 2000 (also here, here, and here) (LLP)

Restitution and European Community Law by Alison Jones, 2000 (also here and here) (Informa) (reviewed by Rebecca Williams ) (Google Books)

Restitution and Insolvency edited by Francis Rose, October 2000 (also here and here) (LLP) (Google Books)

Restitution and the conflict of laws edited by Francis Rose, 1995 (LLP) (Google Books)

Restitution - A new perspective by Joachim Dietrich, 1998 (also here) (Federation Press) (Google Books)

Restitution at the crossroads - A comparative study by Thomas Krebs, 2001 (Cavendish Publishing) (Google Books)

Restitution: Commentary and Materials by Charles Rickett and Ross Grantham, December 2001 (and here) (Brookers) (reviewed by Richard Sutton and Eric Forster ) (Google Books)

Restitution: Commentary and Materials by Michael Tilbury, Michael Noone and Bruce Kercher, 3rd edition 2000 (LBC)

Restitution: Developments in Unjust Enrichment edited by Mitchell McInnes, 1996 (LBC) (Google Books)

Restitution in Australia and New Zealand by Charles Cato, 1997 (also here) (Cavendish Publishing) (Google Books)

Restitution in Private International Law by George Panagopoulos, 2000 (also here and here) (Hart Publishing) (reviewed by Stephen Lee (also here)) (Google Books)

Restitution: Its division and ordering by Steve Hedley, May 2001 (Sweet and Maxwell) (Google Books)

Restitution: Land Claims of the Mashpee, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Indians of New England by Paul Brodeur, 1988 (Northeastern University Press) (Google Books)

Restitution Law in Australia by K Mason and J Carter, 1995 (also here and here) (Butterworths Australia) (Google Books) - now Mason and Carter's Restitution Law in Australia (2nd ed) by K Mason, J Carter and GJ Tolhurst, November 2008 (LexisNexis Australia)

Restitution Law Review

Restitution: Past, Present and Future: Essays in Honour of Gareth Jones edited by WR Cornish, Richard Nolan, Janet O'Sullivan and Graham Virgo, 1998 (also here) (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Restitution - The Future by Peter Birks, 1992 (also here) (Federation Press) (Google Books)

Restitution und Bereicherungsausgleich in Europa volume 1 by Peter Schlechtriem, 2000 (Mohr Siebeck) (Google Books)

Restitutionary Rights to Share in Damages - Carers' Claims by Simone Degeling, April 2003 (Cambridge University Press) (Google Books)

Resulting Trusts by Robert Chambers, 1997 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Retroactivity and the Common Law by Ben Juratowitch, February 2008 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Returning Home: Housing and Property Restitution Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons edited by Scott Leckie, September 2003 (Transnational Publishers) (Google Books)

Robbery and Restitution: The Conflict over Jewish Property in Europe edited by Martin Dean, Constantin Goschler and Philipp Ther, September 2008 (Berghahn Books) (Google Books)

Statutes on Contract, Tort and Restitution by Francis Rose, 16th edition October 2005 (also 2006-2007 edition) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Structure and Justification in Private Law - Essays for Peter Birks edited by Charles Rickett and Ross Grantham, March 2008 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Subrogation in insurance law by SR Derham, 1985 (also here) (LBC) (Google Books)

Subrogation: Law and Practice edited by Charles Mitchell and Stephen Watterson, March 2007 (also here) (OUP) (Google Books)

Swaps, Restitution and Trusts by Alastair Hudson, 1999 (Sweet and Maxwell) (Google Books)

The Assignment of Contractual Rights by Greg Tolhurst, June 2006 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

The Change of Position Defence by by Elise Bant, May 2009 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

The Classification of Obligations edited by Peter Birks, 1997 (SPTL Seminar Series) (Clarendon Press) (Google Books)

The Concept of Unjust Enrichment in Late Scholasticism by Jan Hallebeek (1996) (Google Books)

The Defence of Passing On by Michael Rush, July 2006 (Hart Publishing) (reviewed by Mark Costello) (Google Books)

The Foundations of Restitution for Wrongs by Francesco Giglio, March 2007 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

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The Guilt of Nations: Restitution and Negotiating Historical Injustices by Elazar Barkan, October 2001 (also here) (Johns Hopkins University Press) (reviewed by Ernesto Verdeja) (Google Books)

The Law and Ethics of Restitution by Hanoch Dagan, 2004 (also here, here, here, here and here (ssrn)) (excerpt here) (Cambridge University Press) (reviewed by Ernest J Weinrib ) (Google Books)

The Law of Confidentiality: A Restatement by Paul Stanley, April 2008 (also here) (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

The Law of Contribution and Reimbursement by Charles Mitchell, January 2003 (also here, here and here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The Law of Obligations: Connections and Boundaries edited by Andrew Robertson, 2004 (Routledge Cavendish) (Google Books)

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The Law of Restitution by Andrew Burrows, 2nd edition 2002 (also here, here and here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The Law of Restitution by George E Palmer, 1995 (Aspen) (on cumulative supplements see here, here, here, here  and here ) (Google Books)

The Law of Restitution by Peter D Maddaugh and John D McCamus, 2nd edition 2004 (Canada Law Book) (Google Books)

The Law of Restitution by Robert Goff and Gareth Jones, 6th edition December 2002 (also here) (Sweet and Maxwell) (also now 7th edition December 2006) (Google Books)

The Law of Restitution edited by Steve Hedley and Margaret Halliwell, Augsut 2002 (also here and here) (Butterworths) (Google Books)

The Law of Restitution in Scotland - A study of the obligation to redress unjust enrichment by WJ Stewart, 1995 (W Green) (Google Books)

The Law of Subrogation by Charles Mitchell, 1995 (also here and here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The law of tracing by Lionel Smith, 1997 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The Law of Waiver, Variation and Estoppel by Sean Wilken, 2nd ed February 2003 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The Magic of Constructive Trust, April 2001 (Ontario Bar Association) (Google Books)

The modern law of estoppel by Elizabeth Cooke, March 2000 (Oxford University Press) (reviewed by Peter Linzer)

The Modern Law of Restitution by Gerard McMeel, May 2000 (also here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The nature and scope of restitution by Peter Jaffey, 2000 (also here) (Hart Publishing)

The principles of equity edited by Patrick Parkinson, 2nd ed, 2003 (Lawbook Company) (Google Books)

The Principles of the Law of Restitution by Graham Virgo, 1999 (also here) (see also 2nd ed, September 2006, also here and here) (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The Quistclose Trust - Critical Essays edited by William Swadling, February 2004 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

The Recovery of Stolen Art edited by Norman Palmer, 1998 (Kluwer Law International) (Google Books)

The Rights and Wrongs of Land Restitution: 'Restoring What Was Ours' edited by Derick Fay and Deborah James, July 2008 (Routledge) (Google Books)

The Rights of Parties to Illegal Transactions by Neil Thompson, 1991 (Federation Press) (Google Books)

The Rome II Regulation: The Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations by Andrew Dickinson, March 2009 (Oxford University Press) (also here) (see also companion website)

The Search for Principle - Essays in Honour of Lord Goff of Chieveley edited by Gareth Jones and William Swadling, January 2000 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

The Structure of Property Law by Ben McFarlane, July 2008 (Hart Publishing)

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The Use and Abuse of Unjust Enrichment by Jack Beatson, 1991 (Clarendon Press) (Google Books)

The varieties of restitution by IM Jackman, 1998 (also here) (Federation Press) (Google Books)

Theoretical Inquiries in Law (especially issue 1, January 2000: Restitution and Unjust Enrichment) (Cegla Institute)

Torts and unjust enrichment in the new Swiss conflict of laws by Anne-Catherine Imhoff-Scheier, 1990 (also here and here) (Schulthess Polygraphischer) (Google Books)

Understanding the Law of Obligations by Andrew Burrows, 1998 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Understanding Unjust Enrichment edited by Jason Neyers, Mitchell McInnes and Stephen Pitel, February 2004 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Undue influence and the family home by Mark Pawlowski and James Brown, April 2002 (Cavendish Publishing) (Google Books)

Unjust Enrichment by David Johnson and Robin Evans-Jones, December 2003 (Scottish Universities Law Institute) (also here) (W Green)

Unjust Enrichment by Peter Birks, October 2003 (also here; 2nd edition, January 2005 (also here) (Oxford University Press) (reviewed by Steve Hedley) (Google Books)

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Unjust Enrichment and Public Law: A Comparative Study of England, France and the EU by Rebecca Williams, June 2010 (Hart Publishing) (Google Books)

Unjust Enrichment and the Law of Contract edited by EJH Schrage, May 2002 (also here, here, here, here and here) (Kluwer Law International) (Google Books)

Unjust Enrichment - A Study of Private Law and Public Values by Hanoch Dagan, 1997 (also here, here and here) (reviewed by Heller and Serkin, abstract only) (Cambridge University Press) (Google Books)

Unjust Enrichment and Contract by Tariq A Baloch, March 2009 (Hart Publishing) (also here)

Unjust enrichment in Australia by James Edelman and Elise Bant, October 2006 (also here) (Oxford University Press Australia) (Google Books)

Unjust Enrichment in Commercial Law edited by Simone Degeling and Jamie Edelman, December 2008 (LexisNexis Australia)

Unjust Enrichment: The Comparative Legal History of the Law of Restitution by Eltjo J H Schrage, 1999 (also here) (Duncker und Humblot) (Google Books)

Unjust Enrichment, the New Paradigm for Unfair Competition Law? by Anselm Kamperman Sanders, 1996 (also here) (Google Books)

Unjustified Enrichment by Hector Macqueen, January 2005 (Lawbasics) (W Green and Son) (Google Books)

Unjustified Enrichment by Danie Visser, June 2008 (Juta Publishing)

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Unjustified Enrichment - Key Issues in Comparative Perspective edited by David Johnston and Reinhard Zimmermann, April 2002 (Cambridge University Press) (Google Books)

Unjustified Enrichment - Volume 1 by Robin Evans-Jones, 2003 (W Green) (Google Books)

Workers' Compensation Subrogation In All 50 States by Gary Wickert, March 2003 (Juris Publishing) (Google Books)

Wrongs and Remedies in the Twenty-First Century edited by Peter Birks, 1996 (Oxford University Press) (Google Books)

Zur Gewinnherausgabe Im Schweizerischen Privatrecht: Zugleich Ein Beitrag Zur Lehre Von Der Ungerechtfertigten Bereicherung von Markus Nietlispach (1994) (Stampfli) (Google Books)

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