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Many thanks for visiting. This site is, like every other site, is "always under construction", though hopefully a little faster than most. This page is about those little finicky details like "Who wrote this?" and "How often does it get updated?" and other questions that might occur to reasonable people on reading these pages. If there is any question about it that you would like answered about it, e-mail me.

  1. "Who are you?"   I am Steve Hedley, of University College Cork. I am always ready to listen to suggestions for how this site can be improved. I am best contacted at s.hedley@ucc.ie.

  2. "Where is the site based?"   The site files are held on a server at University College Cork, run by UCC's computer staff. It used to be on the Cambridge Law Faculty server, but now is definitely gone from there. One way or another, the site has been going since July 1998.

  3. "What's new?"   Resources added in the last few months are indicated with New (date added) - hold your mouse over the icon and it will tell you how recently. For a list of recent additions go here.

  4. "How large is the site?"   The last time I checked (August 2008) there were 3,143 files, totalling 124Mb. The high number of files is largely due to the RDG archive (1,747 files) and archived materials (447 files).

  5. "What if I've seen a mistake?"   These pages are regularly checked for errors, but if anything slips through the net, so to speak, I would be delighted to be told of it - e-mail me.

  6. "I had a hard time finding my way around the site."   There is always room for improvement. If there is something you found particularly puzzling, or if you have a specific suggestion, I would be very interested to hear what it is - e-mail me at s.hedley@ucc.ie.

  7. "What are all the graphics for?"   To make the site look prettier, of course. If you can't guess what the tree symbolises, then Congratulations - You have just failed Common Legal Metaphors 101. The other references are less obvious, and your failure to decode them is hereby forgiven.

  8. "Isn't there a better way of organising the material, as there is so much of it?"   Yes, but most of the better solutions involve organising the site around a database, which is hard work. Believe me, I'm giving it active consideration. Expect a solution later in the century, ho ho.

  9. "Wasn't the R&R page a mistake?"   Probably. But nobody's perfect.

  10. "And what is 'restitution', anyway?"   The word "restitution" is not an uncommon one. Even if we confine ourselves to legal topics, it has a variety of meanings. For the more technically-minded, see the page What is Restitution? Briefly, I take it to refer to a major part of private law, traditionally regarded as falling neither within Contract, nor Tort, nor Property. Whether that tradition is entirely accurate, or whether "restitution" is properly to be seen as based on a general principle of unjust enrichment, are not questions on which the website as such has a view, though of course many writers, myself included, do. As to other legal meanings of "restitution", note that the word fades seamlessly into what lawyers might equally call "compensation" - all good stuff, and all equally entitled to carry the name "restitution" so far as I am concerned, but not what this site is about.

  11. "But is 'restitution' a coherent topic?"   That is actually a matter of some dispute - see particularly the "Theory and History" page. However, that hardly affects this website, which takes a catholic approach within the academic tradition of the subject.

  12. "Have you heard about ...?"   I would be delighted to be told of additional resources that deserve to be added to this site - please e-mail me to let me know. Also, if you are looking for a home on the WWW for some restitution material you have, then again I would be happy to help.

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This page was compiled by Steve Hedley, to whom all comments should be addressed.
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