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These materials are for those with no background in restitution. I have divided them roughly into definitions, famous cases, and introductory descriptions. For more advanced teaching materials see the reading lists page.

Definitions of important terms

Agency (Science Fair Project Encyclopedia)

Assumpsit (answers.com)

Assumpsit (Compton's Desk Reference)

Business Law Terminology – Contracts (E Marshall Wick, Gallaudet)

Condictio indebiti (Fondation Européenne)

Constructive trust (Montana Code)

Constructive trust (Wikipedia)

Contract (The 1911 Edition Encyclopedia)

Contract (wikipedia) (also here)

Duress (Bartleby.com)

Duress (nationmaster.com)

Duress and undue influence (Gregor R Peisker) (also here)

Enrichment (OneLook)

Estoppel (Delta Alpha)

Estoppel (Gregor R Peisker)

Fraud (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law)

Implied contract (homesurfer.com)

Implied contract (law.com)

Implied-in-fact contract (E Marshall Wick, Gallaudet) (also here)

Kvasiløfte - Quasi-Contract (EMIRE)

Law of obligations (Information Headquarters) (also here)

Law of obligations (thefreedictionary.com)

Law of obligations (also here) (Wikipedia)

Mistake (Gregor R Peisker)

Money had and received ('Lectric Law Library)

Private law (the free dictionary.com)

Quantum meruit (Gregor R Peisker) (also here)

Quantum meruit (law.com)

Quantum meruit ('Lectric Law Library)

Quantum meruit (wkonline.com)

Quantum valebat ('Lectric Law Library)

Quantum valebat (wkonline.com)

Quasi contract (answers.com)

Quasi contract (AudioEnglish.net)

Quasi contract (E Marshall Wick, Gallaudet) (also here)

Quasi contract (Economicus)

Quasi contract (explanation-Guide)

Quasi contract (Fact Monster)

Quasi contract (Gregor R Peisker) (also here)

Quasi contract (homesurfer.com)

Quasi contract (HyperDictionary)

Quasi contract (Justia)

Quasi contract (Justitia.com)

Quasi contract (LawChek)

Quasi contract (Law.com dictionary) (also here)

Quasi contract ('Lectric Law Library)

Quasi contract (Legal-Explanations.com)

Quasi contract (nodeworks)

Quasi Contract (OneLook)

Quasi contract (Open Encyclopedia)

Quasi contract (RealEstateAgent.com)

Quasi contract (Rikai)

Quasi contract (TheFreeDictionary.com)

Quasi contract (The Law Encyclopedia)

Quasi contract (Webster’s Online Dictionary)

Quasi contract (Wikipedia)

Quasi contract (WordsRely)

Quasi contract (WordWeb Online) (also here)

Repetition ('Lectric Law Library)

Rescission (John T Blanchard)

Rescission (dict.cc)

Rescission (investorwords.com)

Rescission and Rectification (Gregor R Peisker)

Restitution (American Heritage Dictionary)

Restitution (Answers.com)

Restitution (APAIS thesaurus)

Restitution (Cambridge Dictionary of American English)

Restitution (Dictionary.com)

Restitution (die.net)

Restitution (FindLaw)

Restitution (hyperdictionary)

Restitution (Justia)

Restitution (Law.com dictionary) (also here)

Restitution ('Lectric Law Library)

Restitution (legal-dictionary.biz)

Restitution (Merriam-Webster) (also here and here)

Restitution (OneLook)

Restitution (Rikai)

Restitution (Roget's Thesaurus) (also here and here)

Restitution (Roget's II)

Restitution (sytes.org)

Restitution (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Restitution (The freedictionary.com)

Restitution (Webster's) (also here)

Restitution (Wikipedia)

Restitution (Wordsmyth)

Resulting trust (law.com)

Resulting trust (Legal-Explanations.com)

Resulting trust (The Free Dictionary)

Subrogate (DICT.org)

Subrogate (Hyper Dictionary)

Subrogate (investorwords.com)

Subrogate ('Lectric Law Library)

Subrogate (wkonline.com)

Subrogate (American Heritage Dictionary)

Subrogation (law.com)

Subrogation (français)

Tracing (Wikipedia)

Translations for 'unjust enrichment' (Webster's Online Dictionary)

Trust (Dictionary.com)

Trust (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Undue influence (law.com)

Undue influence (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law)

Undue influence (wkonline.com)

Unjust enrichment (Answers.com)

Unjust enrichment (Department of Agricultural Economics) (also here)

Unjust enrichment (Dictionary.com)

Unjust enrichment (law.com)

Unjust enrichment (LegalCity)

Unjust enrichment (LegalDefinitions.com) (also here)

Unjust enrichment (legal-dictionary.org)

Unjust enrichment (Legal Glossary)

Unjust enrichment (nationmaster.com)

Unjust enrichment (nodeworks)

Unjust enrichment (nolo)

Unjust enrichment (Omnipelagos.com)

Unjust enrichment (Open Encyclopedia)

Unjust enrichment (Pentopia)

Unjust enrichment (Slider)

Unjust enrichment law (USlegalforms.com)

Unjust enrichment (Wikipedia)

Unjust enrichment: modern translation (Websters Online)

Famous cases - extracts, summaries, comments

Caledonia North Sea Limited v. London Bridge (David Martin-Clark)

Carter v. Sherburne (Sam Biers)

Cotnam v. Wisdom (4LawSchool.com)

Fibrosa Spolka Akcyjna v Fairbairn Lawson Combe Barbour Ltd (Armen Varvachtian)

Foskett v. McKeown (Tang Hang Wu)

Kase v. French (Sam Biers)

Maguire and Tansey v. Makaronis and Makaronis (K L Liew)

Martin v. Little, Brown and Co (Mike Shecket)

Midland Bank v. Cooke (Nicola Glover and Paul Todd)

Midland Bank v. Cooke (Paul Todd, University of Wales)

Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School District (Sam Biers)

Re Diplock’s Estate (Paul Todd, University of Wales)

Sinclair v. Brougham (Paul Todd, University of Wales) (also here)

Sinclair v. Brougham (1914) (The K-Zone)

Soulos v. Korkontzilas (Esmail Bharwani)

Susin v. Genstar Development

Trustees of the Property of F C Jones and Sons (a Firm) v. Jones (Paul Todd, University of Wales) (also here)

Trustee of the Property of F C Jones and Sons (a Firm) v. Jones (Wan Er Chu and Paul Todd)

Twinsectra Ltd v. Yardley (Alistair Speirs)

Twinsectra Ltd v. Yardley (Penelope Reed)

Westdeutsche v. Islington BC (Paul Todd, University of Wales)


Introductory descriptions - text and presentations

Agency Outline (Mike Shecket)

Agreements required to be evidenced in writing

Almost Like Being Married (Mark K Moller)

An essay on possession in the common law (Frederick Pollock and Robert Samuel Wright) (1888)

An Overview Of Massachusetts Trade Secret Law (Marc C Laredo, Laredo and Smith)

Avoiding Pitfalls in Drafting and Negotiating Letters of Intent (Reed Smith)

Banks Beware: Undue Influence (Deacons)

Breach of Contract (Daniel Atkinson) (also here)

Breach of contract and remedies (David Jordan, Los Angeles Mission College)

Breach of contract and remedies (West Business Law)

Breach Of Trust and Tracing (Norris Ward McKinnon)

Can a Contractor Claim an Increase in the Contract Price for Design Changes? (Kenneth S Lim)

Can A Minor Child Be "Emancipated" In Arizona? (Scott M Clark)

Can I keep my ill-gotten gains? (John McGhee)

Capacity and Legality (Les Wiletzky, Wiletzky and Associates) (slide show)

Capacity to Contract (Hazel Glenn Beh, Hawaii)

Case law on undue influence

Challenging A Will (Jes Beard)

Civil Code Part II Obligations (Republic of China) (Wikipedia)

Collateral benefits (Tomotaka Fujita, Tokyo)

Common Law and cohabitation (G Edmond Burrows)

Common Law Spouses (Family Law Toronto)

Competency to contract (Collins, NYU)

Conflicts of Interest, Unjust Enrichment, and Wrongdoing (RC Nolan) (Japanese)

Construction Contracts: Some Legal Aspects (PM Bakshi)

Constructive Trusts (Frances Rudko)

Contract (wordIQ)

Contract Defenses, Discharge, and Remedies (West Legal Studies) (also here)

Contract law (Wikipedia)

Contract law: capacity (Ansgar Ohly, Bayreuth)

Contract performance, breach and remedies (West Legal Studies)

Contract Remedies and Torts Associated with Contracts (Online multiple choice) (Prentice-Hall)

Contract Remedies in Ohio Law: Outline (Brian D Wassom and Peter B Friedman)

Contracts: Breach and remedies (West Legal Studies) (also here and here)

Contracts: Breach of contract and remedies (also here, and here) (West Legal Studies)

Contracts Class Notes - Remedies

Contracts: Third party rights, discharge, breach and remedies (West Legal Studies)

Contracts voidable on the grounds of unconscionable conduct (COLIN)

Contractual discharge and remedies (Davidson, Knowles and Forsythe)

Criminal Property Forfeiture Act 2002 (Northern Territory, Australia)

Damages (Wikipedia)

Damages (William W Erhart)

Damages and Remedies in Trade Secret Litigation (Christine Meyer)

De Facto union in Quebec (Nicole Roy) (also here )

Don't Do Work On Someone Else's House by Benny L Kass (Realty Times) (also here and here) (April 2002)

E-banking disputes - The mandate problem (slideshow) (Alan L Tyree, Mallesons Stephen Jaques)

Employers don't need contracts to protect trade secrets (Hamblett and Kerrigan)

Employment: Having made that placement will you be paid? (Ronald S Kahn)

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights under German Private Law (Ulrike Mahlmann) (also here; text of the talk is here ) (Vortrag auf deutsch / Präsentationsfolien auf deutsch )

English unjust enrichment law (Wikipedia)

Equity has precedence over the common law

Estate Claims - Have You Been Disinherited? (R Trevor Todd) (1998)

Expansion Of The Constructive Trust Concepts (R Trevor Todd)

Fiduciary duties (Tamar Frankel)

Forfeiture of premiums in the event of the rescission of a contract of insurance by the insurer due to non-disclosure (Ombudsman for long-term insurance, South Africa)

General Subrogation Topics (Binder Goldstein)

Genuineness of assent (K Hair)

How a Subcontractor without Lien Rights Can Still Recover from the Owner (James Kaklamanos)

How to Fight After-the-fact Referral Fees (Jeff Scislow, Realty Times) (also here)

Ideas Are As Free As Air – Aren't They? (Paul Remus and Jonathan Eck) (also here )

Idea Protection – Contract and Tort theories (and pt 2) (Mercer)

Implied contract vs. Implied in fact contract (ProZ.com)

Introduction to Intellectual Property (Mark Lemley, Boalt Hall)

Introduction to the Scottish law of obligations

Law of Obligations (Linda Macpherson, Heriot Watt) (also here and here)

Lawyers' love letters (letter of intent) (Tony Bingham)

Legally speaking, who owns that invention anyway? (San Antonio Business Jour)

L'etendue des droits des beneficiaires du trust en droit anglais

Let's Be Reasonable: Quantum Meruit and Asian Equivalents (Nicholas Longley)

Louisiana Civil Law Obligations (John Trahan, Louisiana State)

Measuring The Defendant’s Benefit - Services (Nova Southeastern)

Mechanics' Liens in Connecticut (Judicial Branch, State of Connecticut)

Mental Capacity, Consent, and Undue Influence (National Committee for the prevention of Elder Abuse)

Misrepresentation and misleading or deceptive conduct (COLIN)

Mistake (contract law) (Wikipedia)

Mistaken Payments (Trudy-Ann Dixon)

More Fun with Letters of Intent (Chris Fellowes)

No contract, no chance? (Builders Exchange)

Prenuptial and postnuptial contract law in the USA (Ronald B Standler)

Property Division for Common Law Separation in Ontario (Jeffrey Behrendt)

Property Division on Divorce - Unjust Enrichment and Trusts (Donald Moir, British Columbia)

Protecting Your Stories - Borrowed Elements or Stolen Ideas? (Mark Litwak)

Purchase of Real Estate by Persons under 18 Years (Stephen Freeman)

Restitution: Unjust Enrichment (CALI Lesson Detail)

Quantum meruit (Allens Arthur Robinson)

Quantum Meruit or Constructive Trust? (R Trevor Todd)

Remedies (Arnold Siegel, Loyola)

Remedies (Beatty and Samuelson)

Remedies (COLIN)

Remedies (Craig Smith, Santa Barbara)

Remedies chart (Nova Southeastern)

Remedies for breach of traditional and online contracts (Les Wiletzky, Wiletzky and Associates)

Remedies outline (Christopher Brainard)

Remedies outline (Don Paine)

Restitution (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Restitution (Gary Neustadter, Santa Clara)

Restitution (Jean Powers Fleming)

Restitution and Land Markets (Richard Grover and Mia Flores-Bórquez, Oxford Brookes)

Restitution as a Contract Remedy (Decateur Reed)

Restitution for Unjust Enrichment (Paul Vout, Melbourne)

Restitution for wrongs: the borderline between enrichment and tort (Melbourne)

Restitution in Crime and Tort (Melanie Rose Rempel)

Restitution (Legal) (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Restitution outline (Victoria)

Resulting trusts (Kendall W Johnson)

Resulting trusts (Paul Todd)

Right to Support and Property (Maryland Legal Assistance Network)

Salvage (George d'Angelo, Washington)

Salvage Overview (International Salvage Union)

Same sex couples - Dividing assets (JP Boyd's BC Family Law Resource)

Services Rendered: Criteria for Compensation (Muscat Azzopardi and Associates)

Singapore Restitution Law (Singapore Academy of Law)

Shakespeare and restitution (David Starkoff)

Some Basic Dissimilarities Between The Law Of Contracts In Common Law And Civil Law Jurisdictions, Particularly Germany

Subcontracting Without a License Can Be Risky Business (Bradley J Hansen)

Suits in quasi-contract (Emanuel Contracts Capsule Summary)

Termination of contract on the grounds of frustration (COLIN)

The Duty to Rescue Despite Protest (Simon M Jackson)

The English law of trusts (Kate and John Standley)

The entire obligations rule (thelawsite@groups.msn.com)

The Expanding Web of ERISA Fiduciary Liability (Nicole A Diller, Donald L Havermann, D Ward Kallstrom and Brian T Ortelere)

The Idea Submission Case: When Is An Idea Protected Under California Law? (Glen L Kulik)

The place of contract within private law (Jaani.net)

The rise of gain based awards (Robert C Taylor)

Trademark Act §1117 - Recovery for violation of rights (Jay M Tyndall)

Trade Secret Law for the Employment Lawyer by Carey DeWitt

Trade Secrets (Neustal Law Offices) (also here and here)

Trade Secrets (Parad Law Offices)

Trade Secret Misappropriation (Robert N Yerman) (June 2002)

Trade Secrets Protection (Fenwick and West) (2001)

Types of Damages Allowed In a Business Case Under Texas Law (Donald Ray Burger, 1996)

Types of monetary damages (Taylor S Klett, Sam Houston State)

Understand the differences between compensatory and punitive damages (Bruce Zucker, California State)

Understanding remedies (book extract) (James M Fischer)

United States Trade Secret Law (Thomas E Loop and Timothy B McCormack, Barnard Loop and McCormack) (also here and here)

Unjust enrichment (Fishman Beley Family Law Associates)

Unjust enrichment (Lawguru)

Unjust enrichment (talking slide show) (see also here) (Tolley’s VAT update)

Unjust enrichment and quasi-contracts (Encyclopedia of Law and Economics)

Unjust enrichment - continued (Mercer Univ)

Unjust enrichment – Continued Even More! (Mercer Univ)

Unjust Enrichment - VAT Voice (Andrew Needham)

Unmarried Couples Should Get Legal Protection (Ohio State Bar Association)

Void and voidable agreements (Scott W Muckey, Corsica, South Dakota)

What does quantum meruit really mean? (Quantum Meruit Consulting)

What is a frustrated contract? (Clayton Utz)

When are benefits "earned" under Oregon state law? (Fisher and Phillips)

When Employees Compete (Robert B Mitchell)

Who can enter into a contract? (D Reed Freeman, Jr, Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin and Kahn)

Who Gets the Engagement Ring? (New Hampshire Bar Association)

Who Owns the Rights To Your Life Story? (Michelle Kaminsky)

Why Subcontractors Need to Understand Indemnity (Timothy Hughes)

Workers should consider consequences for trade secret misappropriation (Hamblett and Kerrigan)

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